Dry Cleaning Delivery & Ironing Services

Dry Cleaning Service In Colorado Springs

Looking for dry cleaning services in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas? You’ve come to the right place!

At Austin Bluffs Laundry, we are committed to helping you stay on top of your dry cleaning needs. We perfectly understand that it can be difficult to find a good dry cleaning company that will treat your items with the same level of care and dedication you would at home, but we are not like most companies!

We’ll handle all your items with the utmost care and consideration, and once we’re done your clothes will be left soft and spotless!

How We Can Help

Whether you have delicate items that require a trained eye or some stains that just won’t go away, Austin Bluffs dry cleaning is at your service. We treat all our clients’ belongings as if they are our own, and our advantaged cleaning tools and solutions can remove even the pickiest of stains.

We can help no matter:

  • The type of fabric
  • How difficult the stain appears to be
  • How delicate the item

The Austin Bluffs team is happy to help.

Why Work with Us

Austin Bluffs dry cleaning is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic dry cleaning service, and we can handle all your professional cleaning and pressing needs.

Feel free to turn to our services if you need:

  • Eco dry cleaning
  • Bulk laundry
  • Full-service laundry
  • Ironing
  • Same-day or next-day dry cleaning

And more!

Our dry cleaning service is open 7 days a week and can pick up and drop off your dry cleaning between 7 am to 9 pm.

If you want to know more about our dry cleaning or other services we offer, you can reach out to us online, or call us at 719-260-6004 and let us show you what good dry cleaning looks like.

Drop off and pick up at our store 7 days a week

Austin Bluffs Dry Cleaning in Colorado Springs Price List:

  • Pants – $4.75
  • Starch Pants – $5.50
  • Shirt Starch – $2.50
  • Polo shirts Dry Cleaned – $4.75
  • Sports Jerseys – $8.00
  • Men’s Rayon/Silk Shirts – $4.75
  • Jacket – $5.75
  • 2pc Suits – $12.00
  • 3pc Suits – $14.00
  • Vest – $4.75
  • Tie – $3.00
  • Blouse – $4.75 and up
  • Sweater – $4.75 and up
  • Dress – $10.00 and up
  • Short Dress – $10.00
  • Formal Dress – $16 to $25 (avg.)
  • Wedding Dress – $100, $150 (Box)
  • Coats – $12.00 and up
  • Long Coat – $20 and up
  • Robe – $9.00
  • Comforters $35 and up
  • ** Add $1.00 on each silk item